Travelling tips within Singapore & Malaysia

Traveling is one the most fascinating things in this world. When we get to see wonders of nature, fascinating man made sites, experience new cultures, enjoy a hospitable nation among other things we appreciate the world’s diversity. To enjoy all these, we need to think of a mode of transportation that allows us maximum enjoyment at our own comfort. Traveling in Singapore and Malaysia, the best way to appreciate all these is traveling by bus.

So what are some of the merits of travelling from Singapore to Malaysia or Malaysia to Singapore by bus?

1. It is economical. Travelling to Singapore from Malaysia by bus or vice versa is way much cheaper as compared to other means of travelling between the two countries such as air.
2. No or little taxation. This is among the reasons most Singaporeans love to travel to Malaysia by bus as they are exempted from paying taxes a thing they would surely have paid if they used the air route.
3. The Singapore Malaysia route offers so much more in terms of site seeing for tourist, as they get to the landscape of two beautiful nations as compared to using the air planes.
4. It has encouraged trade among the nations. The Malaysia Singapore route has also helped in bringing the two nations together coupled with the little history the two nation share. Trade is also well promoted.

Bon Voyage!

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