Bus from Singapore to Alor Setar Travel Guide

For a cost effective means of transport, people prefer to use bus services. This is because they are reliable and more convenient compared to other transport services available. Taking a bus from Singapore to Alor Setar is the most common method of transport for many people. This is because its cheaper and faster. Since the […]

Alor Setar BusTerminal

Also known as Sahab Perdana express bus terminal is one of the central bus terminal of Alor Setar that is located in Shahab Perdana, some where close to Alor Setar town centre. This terminal provides services to and from most locations in Malaysia and one of the best way to get there is by intercity bus […]

Express Bus from Kedah

Alor Setar Bus Terminal, Kedah Kedah is a unique and beautiful state in Malaysia that well known by the rice field. Kedah is so near to Thailand border, and other state nearby is Perak, Perlis and Penang.Hence, travelling by bus is now a choice to almost everyone. Not just because of the cheap fare compare […]