Bus from Singapore to Penang Travel Guide

Journey by bus is one of the most amazing experience when travelling. This is because you get to view various beautiful sites on your way. Traveling by bus from Singapore to Penang via bus will give you an experience of lifetime, this is because the road is in good condition. The trip will take about […]

Booking bus tickets online is hassle free.

Traveling by bus within Malaysia & Singapore has become very popular these days. The modern buses that have only 27 seats called the Express Buses are a very good option. In spite of the low cost airline tickets that are available more and more people are opting for bus travel. When traveling in Singapore and Malaysia […]

Express Bus from Melaka

Malacca Sentral Bus Terminal, Malacca If you are in Melaka and most probably looking for the best bus to travel on, the Malacca Sentral Bus Terminal  holds numerous buses that can help you. The express bus from Melaka at this terminal are very comfortable to travel on and they are more reliable. The Malacca Sentral […]

Transtar Express

Transtar Travel Transtar Travel  is one of the leading service providers of Tour and Travel who  have been successfully operating in Singapore since 1994. Renowned for their  specialized express coach traveland tours, Transtar Travel offers excellent tour  packages that travel to various exotic locations between Singapore and the major cities of Malaysia.In keeping with their vision of becoming […]

Super Nice Grassland Express

Super Nice Grassland Express When traveling around Malaysia, there are plenty of bus and coach companies that offer reliable services to choose from. However, certain issues, such as how much to pay for the quality of traveling a specific distance, will certainly cross the minds of most travelers. Super Nice, a Malaysian bus and coach […]

Platinum Star Express

Platinum Star Express The Platinum Star Express is increasing becoming the most preferred company by most of the local people of Malaysia as well as other people touring the country. Platinum Star Express  that was founded in June 2008 is a brand new 100% local and specializes in premier Express Double-Deck coach services. With Platinum Star Express […]

Pacific Express

Pacific Express Pacific Express is famous with its brand of Super Coach where the seat are spacious, especially for leg room spacing where leg can be straighten and rested comfortably. The foot resting is also specially designed to give a better and comfortable support as it gives a smooth, comfortable & very relaxing feeling throughout […]

Metrobus Express

Metrobus Express Metrobus Express is one of the long serving buses in the bus industry that offers bus journey to all its passengers around Malaysia. One of its famous bus journey includes by bus from Melaka Sentral to Kuala Lumpur and likewise. Address: No. 2 Jalan Usj 7/3 Subang Jaya Selangor, 47610 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. […]

Meridian Holidays Express

Meridian Holidays Express Meridian Holidays, a Johor based company that operates both express and excursion buses – has become the current operator that offers daily coach services between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Former tour bus provider, Meridian joined the competitative express bus industry in 2009 with offer of 5 daily trips to Singapore from Hentian […]

Luxury Coach Service

Luxury Coach Service Registered and licensed travel agency since 1985, Luxury Coach Service is a Singapore  provides daily express bus services from Singapore to Malacca and from Malacca to Singapore. Luxury Tours & Travel provides unique and convenient pick up and arrival locations for this Singapore Melaka express bus service. The pick up and drop off location […]