Puduraya Bus Terminal (Pudu Sentral)

Located in Jalan Pudu, near Petaling Street, this is the central bus station in Kuala Lumpur that  caters for various coaches departing and arriving to and from all parts of Peninsular Malaysia. One of the best way to get there is through the nearest LRT train stations that is Plaza Rakyat LRT (Ampang Line) or […]


Plusliner Express Plusliner, labelled as King of Highway Express has been cruising the major highways for more than 10 years. Plusliner has been travelling along all major highways connecting major towns and serving the customers. Plusliner frequency is every 20 minutes and assures timely departure and arrival. Plusliner is committed to provide safe, comfortable, reliable […]

Lionstar Express

Lionstar Express Lionstar Express is one of the famous bus companies that offers daily express bus journey to its passengers especially from Kuala Lumpur – Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to Singapore, plus likewise with bus from KL. As part of Transtar Group, Lionstar is also well-known for its double decker buses. So if you plan to […]