Puduraya Bus Terminal (Pudu Sentral)

Located in Jalan Pudu, near Petaling Street, this is the central bus station in Kuala Lumpur that  caters for various coaches departing and arriving to and from all parts of Peninsular Malaysia. One of the best way to get there is through the nearest LRT train stations that is Plaza Rakyat LRT (Ampang Line) or […]

Express Bus from Perlis

Kuala Perlis Bus Terminal, Perlis Perlis lies to the north of the west coast in Peninsular Malaysia, near the border with Thailand. Perlis is the smallest sate within Malaysia. The main or central bus terminal of Perlis is the Kuala Perlis Bus Terminal, which is located at the end of Lebuhraya Changlun, Perlis. Kuala Perlis […]

Express Bus from Perak

Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal, Perak There are many bus companies that provide express bus services from Perak to the other states of Malaysia and also to the neighbouring countries like Thailand and Singapore enabling convenient and cheap travel of people from these countries. Perak is a state in the Peninsula Malaysia that has a long […]

Lionstar Express

Lionstar Express Lionstar Express is one of the famous bus companies that offers daily express bus journey to its passengers especially from Kuala Lumpur – Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to Singapore, plus likewise with bus from KL. As part of Transtar Group, Lionstar is also well-known for its double decker buses. So if you plan to […]

Etika Express

Etika Express Etika Express has been in the bus express industry since 1990. Etika Express is very well-known for its ticketing agent for its trips from south, east and northern part of Malaysia. The key belief in Etika Express is – Pleasant Journey – thus makes it a desired choice of travel for most of the passengers. […]