Take a ride by bus from Malacca to Singapore

As the third smallest town in Malaysia, Malacca has been an attractive city to go to after it was labelled as a world heritage site. Bus from Malacca to Singapore is affordable and preferable to using air or train when it comes to site touring. The length of travel is at most 4 hours, and the travel is designed in a way that passengers get maximum utility for the value they pay. The long distance of travel, 236 km precisely, allows ample time for the coach companies to provide the ultimate experience for the travelers.

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The ticket price is SGD30 for travelling using Konsortium Bas Ekspress and the ticket can go as low as SGD 25 if you use 707 Incorporated Executive Coach B. Other companies involved are Coach Centre,  Starmart Expres and Citiexchange Express. Singapore is a city filled with thriving commercial businesses and is mostly toured by people involved in corporate transactions. Luxury Coach Services through Esaybook.com give business traveler’s world class services. The feeling is like traveling by air to Singapore, only that it is affordable at SGD 30 and by bus.

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Easybook.com departure terminal option for a bus from Malacca to Singapore is the Melaka Sentral point. The disembarking point in Singapore is City Plaza of the Park Royal Hotel. This is often an express travel, which means that rarely will the bus stop midway during the journey. Other departure point in Malacca are Casa Del Rio Melaka Hotel, Hatten Hotel, Ramada Plaza and Bayview Hotel. On the other hand, drop of points in Singapore also include Golden Mile Complex, Boon Lay, Textile Centre Building and Queen Street in Singapore.

The buses contain washrooms; AC outputs that you can use to charge your smartphones and reclined seats you can use to take power naps during the 4- hour travel. Easybook.com gives you a safe, unparalleled and reliable option of getting a bus ticket to travel by bus from Malacca to Singapore.

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