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Press release of Malaysia Express Bus

Butterworth, Pulau Pinang January 28, 2014 : Nowadays, bus tickets are getting cheaper and cheaper, so for those who are in Malaysia for a vacation or business, it is one of the best options for travelers to save a significant amount of money.

Bus trips are always an amazing and memorable affair. There’s no other means of transportation which can beat the bus. The main reason why this kind of transportation is long standing is because of the convenience and ease that a bus journey offers. For those who are in Malaysia and looking for the best means of transportation, Malaysia Express Bus Website offers essential information about Malaysia’s bus companies.

There are many express bus agencies in Malaysia. Bus journey is more convenient for visitors and guests and regular commuters for many reasons. At this point of time, touring through bus is more convenient than any other means of transportation. Even if there are lots of budget airlines out there, a huge number of commuters still choose bus as their means of transportation. These days, because of technology, bus journey is simpler, more comfortable and cheaper.
Malaysia express bus agencies are accessible with twenty seven seats that offer classy and comfortable and wider seating area as opposed to other traditional buses. Another good thing about Malaysia Express busses is the fact that passengers can incline the seat at 70 degrees. This is to provide passengers a relaxing and tranquil journey without strain and body ache. These kind of services are not accessible in first class flight services as well as in business class.

Malaysia Bus Companies are incredibly equipped with the newest technologies for more pleasing and relaxing journey. It looks more than business type seating arrangements. The lounge can be altered for five people. They have professional and friendly driver and all buses come with a GPS system. Security is the main objective of this company, thus all buses are equipped with hydraulic breaking mode.