Booking bus tickets online is hassle free.

Traveling by bus within Malaysia & Singapore has become very popular these days. The modern buses that have only 27 seats called the Express Buses are a very good option. In spite of the low cost airline tickets that are available more and more people are opting for bus travel. When traveling in Singapore and Malaysia one of the best websites that provides complete information on bus travel is the

express bus seats

A 27 Seater express bus seating capacity

The long body, 27 seated express buses have more leg space between seats adding to one’s travel comfort. The seats recline to up to 70 degrees, almost sleeping posture. Some of the luxury buses come with a lounge that can accommodate up to five people providing facilities available in an airplane at less than half the cost.

All the buses have GPS system installed. Electro magnetic and hydraulic braking adds to the safety factors that have been taken into account for the passengers. These buses provide entertainment to the travelers too. Individual seats comes with separate TVs where movies can be watched. Mobile phone usage is also not a problem on these buses either.

Some of the express coaches comes with in-built entertainment attached to the seat

Some of the express coaches comes with in-built entertainment attached to the seat

First class food and service is the hallmark of these Malaysia Express Bus. A comfortable air conditioned journey while enjoying nature through the large glass windows makes Malaysia Express Bus a very good option for travel between Singapore and Malaysia.

The bus tickets are also much cheaper than even the low cost airline tickets. They can be booked online and the best thing is there are no additional taxes or duties. Another very pertinent point in favor of bus travel is the fact that there is no two hour wait before departure as in the airlines. The bus termini are also more centrally located thus cutting down on per departure travel time from home.

All information regarding travel between Singapore and Malaysia and within is available on the website Malaysia Express Bus .com. It gives details regarding the  tickets prices and the bus terminals. Details about the route taken on each journey is also available.

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