Express bus services in Malaysia

There are a lot of express bus companies in Malaysia. Bus travel is more comfortable for tourists as well as regular passengers for so many reasons. Nowadays traveling by bus is more convenient than other more of travel. Even though there are many budget airlines majority of people are sill preferring only bus travel for their journey. Bus travel is more comfortable these days. Express bus companies in Malaysia are available with 27 seats that have luxury seating and larger seating space between one seat and another compared to other normal buses. The seats can be inclined up to 70 degrees. It is almost similar to sleeping position; these facilities are not available even in business class or first class seats in flight services.

When comparing to flight tickets bus tickets are much cheaper. As per bus travel you don’t need to pay airport tax or any duties. Just think over that you need to pay only $30 as bus fare when you take a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Total time consuming is also offering able when you compare bus with the plane. It is also not necessary to check into the departure place before 2 hours. The travelling time from the airport to your living area must be lesser distance than the bus stand to your living area. There are a lot of additional features available if you use the bus service like using mobile phones while you travel. Most of us chat with our loved ones while we travel for a long time. This feature is not available when we use plane service. Similar to flight service most of the express bus service in Malaysia is offering entertainment that means the passenger can watch movie while you travel by bus. And also it serves food for their customers on the bus. The quality of the service is almost similar to the 1st class passenger in an airplane.

There are many express bus services in Malaysia are having their service from the route Malaysia to Singapore during all day through Johor. Most of the tour companies are offering their service in between those two major areas mostly they are located at the Golden Mile complex. Usually the bus timing is at every hour to Melaka and lots of buses are going to Kuala Lumpur throughout the day. Bus service is the only mode of transport that offers low price and more satisfaction to their customers. This is suitable for the tourist who is not willing to spend a lot of money for their transport reasons. Buses have larger seat space and separate T.V for individual seats. Another foremost thing for selecting the bus travel is, the traveler can enjoy the beauty of the nature. Both Singapore and Malaysia are beautiful countries in the world, the beauties are seen only travelling via bus.

Some of the express bus companies in Malaysia are highly equipped with all the latest technologies to make the passenger more convenient during their travel. It feels like business class seating arrangements. The lounge available can be adjusted for almost 5 peoples. The drivers are also professional to drive the buses. They are assisted with GPS system installed. Safety plays a major role in bus travel, so the bus is fully fitted with the all new electromagnetic and hydraulic braking system, that is much better than the old hand braking systems.

Travel in bus is indeed a good way to travel around Malaysia. Not to forget that everyone can book a bus ticket online nowadays as long as you have an Internet connection which means that you can even book the bus ticket from your smart phone.

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