Express Bus from Selangor

Express Bus from Selangor

Welcome to the Malaysia Express Bus Guide, where we hope to help you with all your traveling needs. If you are on west side of Malaysia particularly Selangor, and are looking for an affordable and easy method of transportation to travel to exotic or commercial areas around Malaysia, there are many choice available to you by the Malaysia Express Bus Guide.

Selangor, is one of the most highly developed areas in Malaysia which allows the district to carry efficient busing services for locals and tourists. It is also home to the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. This bus terminal is located near the Express Rail Link, KLIA Transit Station and many other stations. This makes the terminal convenient for travelers and tourists. If looking for another method of transportation, the Rapid City buses/taxis are also very helpful when traveling, especially to terminals.

The KS bus terminal aka Klang Sentral located North of Klang, offers a highly furnished and modern terminal, for anyone including tourists, local residents, and both intercity bus/taxi services as it is a very popular area. It is also a great choice as there are no other LRT stations nearby. Fortunately this terminal which resides in Jalan Meru which is close in proximity to Aman Perdana, which allows travellers to access convenience and comfort.

A second option for travelers is the LCCT/KLIA bus terminal. These areas are of extreme high density as they are the most well-known airports in Malaysia. These bus terminals can take visitors and locals to various places in Malaysia; Kuala Lampur,Melaka, Kuantan, Genting Highland and Perak.

A third option for travellers is the Shah Alam Bus Terminal, which offers an express bus service going both north and southbound. Located next to the T&R Method Centre. No LRT station is available in the area, the most efficient method to get to the terminal is by taxi or by using the intercity bus. Located at Jalan Jenulung Seksyen 17, Shah Alam.

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