Bus from Singapore to Tioman Travel Guide

Travelling by bus from Singapore to Tioman is popular with both locals and tourists. The route has good scenes and a well-developed road infrastructure that is very reliable. Most people travel to the sparsely populated island to enjoy a vacation or weekend get away in the island’s resorts or visit the ever-green forests, the port or the coral reefs. If you travel by bus it will take around 3-4 hours to get to bus from Singapore to Tioman from Singapore. The traffic conditions are generally perfect so you will rarely be on the road for more than 4 hours.

The best thing with this route is that you can book your tickets online! Easybook.com is a website that provides services such as booking journeys, ticketing, accessing offers and information about the major bus operators. For this particular trip, the tickets cost from $25 to $39 depending on the bus operator.

Major bus operators on this route are WTS Travel, Maju Express, Transnasional Express and Five Stars Express. Most of the bus travel companies have online services that allow customers to book trips and pay for tickets. That is not all, the bus operators stop at some points on the way for refreshments and breaks. A trip by bus from Singapore to Tioman has the following main alighting points: Air Batang jetty, Genting jetty, Paya jetty, Panuba Bay jetty. The drop off points are accessible by other convenient means of transport such as taxi.

The advantage of purchasing tickets at Easybook.com is that the process is faster and you get access to bus companies without visiting them physically. Again, you get the chance to compare the ticket prices and offers of the various bus operators. Depending on the package you pay for and the bus operator, you can travel in the comfort of VIP seats, air conditioning and TV entertainment.

bus from Singapore to Tioman
Bus from Singapore to Tioman
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