Ride on a bus from Singapore to Malaysia

Malaysia truly Asia, is just not a tagline that is been used for the tourism promotions. Malaysia is indeed truly Asia; their population consists of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Muslims, Bangladeshi and Malays and is very well connected with Asian neighbours.

Kula Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is the main tourist attraction of the country. With over 22 million visitors every year, Malaysia is the 10th most visited country by tourists. There are many ways to travel around in Malaysia and KL seems like the base for one’s travel experience. Travelling through bus is the most convenient way to travel in Malaysia and if you are planning a trip from Malaysia to Singapore then taking a bus is the best and the cheapest way.

bus from Singapore to Malaysia
A beautiful scenic view of Singapore

If you are travelling from Malaysia to Singapore then KL will be the easiest places to catch a bus from There are frequent bus services to Singapore. You can book online through different websites, get it through traveling agencies or just buy a ticket from the bus stop. It does not cost a lot of time, while you take a nice read through a book and or a long nap you would already be in Singapore because it takes roughly about five to six hours. Depending upon which luxury coach you are choosing you might end up paying anywhere between RM28 to RM100.

Ride on a bus from Singapore to Malaysia
Indeed, Malaysia truly Asia

Buses leaving from KL to Singapore have different pick up stops so make sure to be on time at the correct pick up stop. Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Lobby of Sunway Lagoon hotel, One Utama bus terminal, Berjaya Times square East and Pudu Sentral Bus terminal are few major pick up stops out of many. Remember while you entering into Singapore do not chew or carry a chewing gum, it is officially illegal. Do not lose your exit pass, as it is needed when you leave the country.

Finding a bus from Singapore to Malaysia is very easy and convenient.  Therefore, here we provide all readers some of tips if your catching a bus from Singapore to these famous cities in Malaysia. Get on a bus ride journey with all the express bus routes in Malaysia now. 

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