Bus from Singapore to Desaru Travel Guide

Most tourists from Singapore are fond of visiting Malaysia and most especially Desaru which is a coastal region located about 88 kilometers from Johor a famous city in Peninsula, Malaysia. By picking bus from Singapore to Desaru, the journey becomes the most adventurous one since there is a lot of a sightseeing, scenic large palm oil plantation on this rich territorial beach area. It is approximately a five hours drive. Why many visitors like Desaru is fact that the region has friendly residents and there is favorable weather in a larger part of the year especially between February and October. It is even warm during rainy seasons plus the long beach area and therefore most preferred.

Bus tickets are available and one can place a booking well in advance by visiting easybook.com just at the comfort of their homes or offices since online booking is safer, faster, and cheaper and you avoid spending a lot of time on long queues.

There are several bus companies that pick people by bus from Singapore to Desaru like 99 Coachland Express, Billion star, City express, Golden Coach Express, New Asian travel and others where one can pick and book bus tickets. Penawar Larkin bus terminal is a common pick up point with Kota Tinggi being a famous drop off point. Dependable public vehicles make the travel a nice experience with the taxis and MRT service ready to drive you to the desired destination site.

Advance online booking ensures that the travel is properly scheduled. The coaches are well serviced, clean, spacious and well ventilated. Comfortable, clean and adjustable seats make visitors travel for hours restfully. There are scheduled refreshment and toilet breaks in between the travel. Easybook.com gives you an opportunity for a memorable trip by offering a quick booking any time you wish to get a ticket reserve for a bus from Singapore to Desaru.

Bus from Singapore to Desaru Travel Guide
Bus from Singapore to Desaru Travel Guide

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