Bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands Travel Guide

Travelling by bus is one of the most comfortable, cheap, and safe way to travel between Singapore and Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands is very popular with short get away weekend travelers and those going on a short vacation, as it has got a very beautiful scenery, and good sites for those interested in Malaysian history. The 600 km road is well paved and maintained thus being the only safe and quick way to travel by bus Singapore to Cameron Highlands. The journey takes between 7 hours- 8 hours, depending on the weather condition. The travelers are able to view beautiful scenery as they wind through the hilly, well-paved road to Cameron Highlands.

There are several express bus companies that ply the Singapore-Cameron Highlands route, which have different and flexible departure and arrival times, and stopover places. Also the buses offer various drop-off points like; Ringlet, Brinchang Hotel, and Equatorial Hotel, among other points, which is very flexible to different passengers with different destinations The bus companies plying this route also offers travelers an option to book for a one way ticket or for a return ticket.

The advancement in technology has made it possible for travelers to be able to book their ticket online at Easybook, and they have 24 hours open customer care lines where travelers can make inquiry both in their Malaysian and Singapore offices. On to that, Easybook has twitter , Facebook page and Google plus connect where customers can get real time information about the travel. This saves the valuable time a traveller would have made to come and do a physical booking in a booking office or make inquires.

The bus companies plying this route through Easybook also has valuable information on the best hotels their customers can get good accommodation facilities, places they can visit and they offer various attractive packages with great discounts for those on tour.

Bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands Travel Guide
Bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands Travel Guide
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