Bus from Singapore to Batu Pahat Travel Guide

Travelling to Batu Pahat, Malaysia from the neighboring island country of Singapore is a journey that takes 2 hours. Many local and foreign visitors take this journey to witness firsthand the good climate and the variety and uniqueness of the cultures in these two countries. At Singapore you experience the existence of a multi-racial population and how they co-exist even though a small country. Through to Batu Pahat which is one of the districts that are in Johor and famous for the night markets that run all week you get to shop and have a taste of a local delicacy like the coffee produced locally. There are various religions but Islam is dominant.

This journey involves taking a bus which is the main and cheapest means of transport. The tickets are cheap but the fares vary with the bus company involved and the services they offer. The most reliable way to buy your ticket is online and Easybook.com is the best site to book your ticket at.

From Singapore you have to take a bus since there exists no train stations or airport in Batu Pahat. But this is not a setback as on the bus you experience beautiful sceneries. There are various bus companies that offers bus from Singapore to Batu Pahat including 707 Inc, The One Travel & Tours among other companies you find best. The pick-up points are easily accessible and strategically placed in Singapore include from Golden Mile Complex, Textile Centre, and Singapore Flyer. The drop off point is at the Batu Pahat bus terminal for those who take the express bus and you can easily get to your destination easily.

At Easybook.com you can book for the tickets since it has most of these bus companies on their list. It is safe, time saving and most of all convenient since it is online. Booking at Easybook.com is best since they offer discounts on occasions and this you will never find anywhere else. The buses are very comfortable and amazing to travel in as they are always in good condition, they offer entertainment and other luxuries as air conditioning.

Bus from Singapore to Batu Pahat
Bus from Singapore to Batu Pahat

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