Bus from Singapore to Mersing Travel Guide

Mersing is situated in the eastern part of Johor, Malaysia. It is the main way to Pulau Tioman Island. Bus service providers in the area include Maju Express, WTS, The One Travel and Transnasional.WTS and The One Travel ends the journey at Mersing Jetty whereas Maju Express ends at Mersing Bus Terminal. Traveling by bus from Singapore to Mersing will takes 3-4 hours but this will depend on the traffic conditions on the way. Alighting point are the Mersing R and R Bus Terminal.

The bus fare from Singapore to Tioman on average is approximately SGD35 but we can exclude Malaysia national coach operators because the fare is SGD15.WTS and The One Travel travels earliest at around 6:30am as the coaches catches ferries at around 11 am to Tioman Island. This mean of traveling is the best and also is the cheapest. It is worth noting that bus  from Singapore to Tioman are few.

The journey by bus from Singapore to Mersing takes 3.5 hours.WTS stops at Singapore Flyer in different drop-off points which includes Kampung Genting, Kampung Paya, Kampung Salang, Kampung Air Batang and Panuba Bay .

The trip is at ease and interesting and I assure you cannot get bored. It is interesting because no one will ever ask you to limit the weight of you goods. As mentioned earlier, this mean is cheaper comparing to other means which include airplanes and ferries. The bus schedule is available at all time and also open comparing to the air-planes

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bus from Singapore to Mersing
Bus from Singapore to Mersing

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