Bus from Singapore to Alor Setar Travel Guide

For a cost effective means of transport, people prefer to use bus services. This is because they are reliable and more convenient compared to other transport services available. Taking a bus from Singapore to Alor Setar is the most common method of transport for many people. This is because its cheaper and faster. Since the roads are well maintained, it takes shortest time possible.

This trip from Singapore to Alor Setar takes between five to six hours which depends on traffic. One amazing thing about bus trips is that you are able to view different sites on your way. People like visiting Alor Setar due to its Malay culture, beautiful plantations and sites it possesses. Some of the most attractive tourists sites in Alor Setar are Kedah Paddy Museum which is very educational, Pekan Rabu Complex which contains local and traditional products, Zahir Mosque which is very beautiful with Moorish Architecture, Alor Setar Tower and many other exciting sites.

This amazing trip will cost you a small amount of money. Its a luxurious trip for an affordable price. When booking tickets you don’t need to go to the booking offices. All you need to do is log in to Easybook.com and fill all information required then pay through secure methods available.

Different bus companies offer these services. Some of these bus companies include Sri Maju Group, Konsortium Express and many other companies with different departure times. All these companies ensures customer satisfaction thus offering the best service to you at all times. There are different pick-up points which include Golden Mile Complex, Puduraya Bus Terminal, Duta Bus Station and many others. During the trip, there are various stopovers for refreshments. Some of the trip’s drop-off points include Bas Shahab Perdana and Alor Setar Terminal.

Online ticket booking is nowadays the most reliable method for booking tickets. This method saves your time since you don’t need to travel to the booking offices and queue. Buses used to serve these routes are very comfortable with nicely cushioned adjustable seats, flat screens, Wi-Fi and ventilation for air conditioning. Always save time and money by booking your ticket online using Easybook website and get some discount.

Bus from Singapore to Alor Setar
Bus from Singapore to Alor Setar

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