Express Bus from Penang

How to take express bus from Penang

Touring Malaysia is one of the most pleasurable holiday activities one can engage in. In order to see the country from a close and uninhibited view, one may choose to take a bus. As the bus rolls across the countryside, one will be treated to exceptional sights of mountains, culture and beautiful people. One will experience nature at its best and also be able to enjoy peace and quiet from the hustle that is city life. Now one can take an express bus from Penang and be able to experience Malaysia in an up close and personal way.

Express bus from Penang

One may book an express bus from Penang to other destinations within and without Malaysia. These include Ipoh and Terengganu. There are numerous express bus companies and one will be spoil for choice when trying to get the coaches offering the best services. Times scheduled also differ and so one may book at a time that more suits their plans and their travel itinerary. Taking an express bus from Penang, one can be able to connect to various destinations in Malaysia and this will be an amazing touristic experience. It is also cheap and affordable and one has several coach companies to choose from. Some of the famous bus companies that offers express bus from Penang includes Transnasional, Transtar Express, KMK Express, Plusliner, Yakin BG Express, Aeroline Coach Service, Alisan Golden Coach Express, Billion Star Express, Lion Star Express, StarQistna Express, Pacific Express, NICE, Super Nice, Konsortium, Lion Star Express, KKKL Express and much much more! All these bus companies provide daily departures everyday with various timings for the convenience of all passengers. The express bus from Penang will carry all its passengers around to various cities and town in Malaysia and Singapore with the well-equipped and great seating capacity. T

In the mainland of Penang, one may make bookings from the Butterworth Jetty Bus Terminal.Butterworth Jetty Terminal is located very close by the ferry terminal in Butterworth, which makes it easy for customers to travel over to the Island or cross over to the mainland. Most of the express buses from Penang and arriving at Penang will definitely use Butterworth Jetty Terminal as the pick up and drop off point. And after or before dropping the passengers down at Butterworth Jetty Terminal, the express buses will also go over to the famous bus terminal in Penang Island known as Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal is located very close by to to famous Pesta Sungai Nibong ground. Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal is also just 20minutes drive away by bus from Butterworth Jetty Terminal, if the traffic is in good flow.

However, for people who are in Penang Island, the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal is more convenient for them to make bookings. Either way, one is assured of a fast and efficient booking according to their preferred timing if there are taking express bus from Penang. One will find that every hour, there are available buses to all destinations in Malaysia that the buses access. This makes it easy and convenient for one to travel on bus when vacationing in Penang Island or the mainland.

Bus companies that offers express bus from Penang services:

express bus from Penang

Bus Operator: Fivestars Express
Bus Routes Time
Sungai Nibong to Batu Pahat 08:15 PM
Sungai Nibong to Muar 08:15 PM
Sungai Nibong to Malacca 08:15 PM
Sungai Nibong to Kuala Lumpur 12:05 AM, 07:15 AM, 08:15 AM, 09:15 AM, 11:15 AM, 12:45 PM, 02:00 PM,  04:15 PM, 11:00 PM
Sungai Nibong to One Utama 07:15 AM, 04:15 PM
Sungai Nibong to Johor Bahru 08:15 AM, 08:45 PM


Bus Operator: Transnasional  



Sungai Nibong to Ipoh 0930
Sungai Nibong to Kota Bahru 0900
Sungai Nibong to Seremban 0930
Sungai Nibong to Melaka 0930
Sungai Nibong to KL 0900


Bus Operator: Alisan Golden Coach

Bus Routes


Sungai Nibong to Kuala Lumpur Central 0100
Sungai Nibong to Kuala Lumpur 0800, 1200
Sungai Nibong to RWS 2100




express bus from Penang

Bus Operator:  Konsortium Express



Sungai Nibong to Johor Bahru 0930, 2130, 2230
Sungai Nibong to Singapore 0930, 2130, 2230
Sungai Nibong-Kuala Lumpur 0730, 1100, 1630, 1930, 2130, 2359
Sungai Nibong-Kuantan 2200
Sungai Nibong-Temerloh 2200
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